• We welcome anyone into membership who accepts Jesus as their Savior, who is (or has been) immersed in His name, and who is willing to be His disciple (follower).
  • The Bible is our guide. No tradition, opinion or denominational practice exceeds its authority.
  • In the essentials of faith clearly expressed in its pages, we speak with one voice.
  • In areas where Scripture does not clearly speak, each person may be guided by their own understanding. In each case, we will be guided by a spirit of love and grace.

We observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, baptism by immersion in water, and to limiting baptism to those old enough to make a commitment to Jesus for themselves.

When you accept the good news of Jesus, you discover the joy of salvation and learn that everything you need to be whole is found in Him. In Jesus we find our senses of significance, meaning and eternal purpose. Knowing Jesus meets our need for acceptance, love and freedom from guilt. Jesus sets us free to become everything God has planned for our lives. This liberation is the start of the exciting adventure of discovering God and His power at work in our daily lives.

Now we invite YOU to join us!